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PRODUTIVA specializes in the production of wire cloth and the transformation from steel wire since 1910. During all these years, we followed a trajectory of success based on the quality of our products, the constant research in innovation and customer satisfaction.

PRODUTIVA is recognized the market for its image of quality, confidence and seriousness in the practice of its business and its commercial relationships.

We offer our customers competitive, certified and fast solutions. Thanks to its strengths, PRODUTIVA has been on the global market for several decades.

International references

We are a benchmark in terms of the technical quality of our products, the dynamic management and the competence of our employees trained with care and professionalism.

The production

Our policy is shared and appreciated by shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers, it brings innovation and originality throughout the production process.


We believe on qualification, expertise and experience. We can count on the skills of specialized professional, dedicated to provide a close service and of the highest quality.

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I&D Manager
Marco Tavares
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Quality System Manager ( ISO 9001)


PRODUTIVA completed its 110th anniversary in 2020. The knowledge accumulated over the years, combined with innovation and the continuous search for perfection, allowed us to trace a distinctive and excellent path.

More than one century of success is explained by a diverse range of products, a team of specialized professionals, a strict commitment to quality and the combination of tradition and new technologies.

As one of the undisputed leaders in the national market and a player of international reference, has followed a strategy of sustained growth for over 100 years.

Produtiva in the world

+ 40 countries

Combining the extraordinary work capacity with the experience obtained over more than 110 years, we were able to develop the skills that allow it to export successfully to the whole world.

To the added value of our products, we also add the advantages of having a high response capacity, excellent service and great attention to detail.

PRODUTIVA prominent position in the market stems from a set of factors intrinsic to the company’s activity and history. They are the result of the path taken so far and are also a representation of the goals set for the future.



Founded in 1910, Produtiva was the first woven wire cloths factory set up in Portugal. It has been leading the market for decades, becoming a reference in the sector of woven wire cloths and screens for sieves.


On the basis of our success is the experience and quality in the processes, which allowed us to over time build trusting relationships in the various activity sectors with whom we usually collaborate.


We are continually adapting new technologies to market needs, having as main objective being able to present innovative solutions that meet the needs of our clients.


During the more than 100 years of activity, quality was as a determining factor in the evolution of the company.


The search for continuous improvement in processes and production are now inextricably linked to the growth trajectory we have projected for the future.

With an internationally recognized certification, our solutions have one more requirement for its differentiation from the competition.

Since 1997, the company has certified its Quality System through the international standard ISO 9001.

We ensure that each stage of the work process is in full compliance with the most demanding national and international standards, starting right from the raw material. Acquired in Portugal, Germany, Italy, France and Spain, all suppliers are chosen according to strict selection criteria and their products strictly controlled and certified.


Quality from the raw material to the final product.

Raw Material
The main product range uses wires made of High Strength Steel (ISO 8458 standard), AISI 304 and 316 Stainless Steel (ISO 16143-3 standard) and Galvanized Soft Steel (ISO 16120-3 and 7989-2 standards).
It is also possible to manufacture products that incorporate special wires such as Copper, Brass or Stainless Steel (Tri-Cr, 5% Cr) or another type of wire, upon request. The wire diameter complies with the specifications of the ISO 4782 standard.

Metal screens
Metal screens are manufactured in accordance with ISO 4783, light / wire diameter combination and ISO 9044/14315, tolerance control.

Type A and D (corrugated) and E (flat) metal sieves ISO 4783. Type R (rectangular) metal sieves, anti-clogging – DIN 4185 standard. Rubber sieves – natural, anti-abrasive – ISO 7806 perforated plate sieves – ISO 7805 standard Polyurethane sieves – ISO 7806 standard




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