🏆 Produtiva: Excellence in Calcinor’s Evaluation 🌟

Produtiva achieved an impressive score of 97 in its recent evaluation by Calcinor, thereby securing its approval as a supplier. This rigorous assessment focused on various essential areas, including the company’s management, safety and working conditions, as well as its environmental performance.

🌍 Calcinor: A Global Giant 🌐

Calcinor stands out in the global business landscape as a holding company that encompasses about 50 companies, employing approximately 1,500 collaborators across various parts of the world. With operations on three continents and supplying markets on all five continents, Calcinor prides itself on its business diversity. Originating from the mining sector, the company has expanded its presence to numerous sectors, benefiting from a diverse range of products and advanced industrial technologies.

📈 Strategy for Growth and Innovation 💡

Calcinor’s business philosophy is based on the diversification of markets and products, an entrepreneurial approach that has ensured steady and sustainable growth. The company differentiates itself by its ability to understand and closely collaborate with clients, adopting the best available techniques, demonstrating production flexibility, and offering a wide range of products that serve 22 industrial areas.

🏅 Produtiva: A Model of Excellence 🌟

Based on an integrated management system that includes ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications, Calcinor meticulously evaluated Produtiva. The effectiveness of its processes, the quality of its products and services, the management and control of purchasing and sales processes, strict compliance with occupational health and safety standards, as well as its responsible environmental behavior were examined. This recognition adds to other awards that highlight Produtiva business excellence, including the SME Excellence status and the commitment to Timely Payment, consolidating its 114-year legacy of continuous success.


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