25 years of certification of the PRODUTIVA Management System

In 1997, Produtiva achieved ISO Certification, Quality Management Systems (initially ISO 9002, currently ISO 9001:2015).
For 25 years!!! Year after year, PRODUTIVA has been able to maintain this certification uninterruptedly.
It must be remembered that, at the time, to obtain certification, it was necessary to overcome a very complex process…few companies were certified…once again, PRODUTIVA has innovated!
The path of Continuous Improvement has been an ever-present orientation throughout the 112 years of our existence. But there is no doubt that the last 25 years, with the new Management System, have given a strong boost to this aim.
These are 25 years of progress and development, always aimed at the best service to the Customer.
The current Standard is based on seven Management principles that PRODUTIVA follows
– Customer Focus – All employees are aware that client requirements are an imperative and work rigorously so that the client recognizes the care taken in the production and preparation of orders. The objective is to exceed their expectations.
– Leadership – The Administration establishes, at all levels, unity in the purpose and direction of the company, creating the conditions for the employees to commit themselves to achieving the organisation’s objectives. The Management Group has the mission of transmitting the objectives to all employees, as well as monitoring their application.
– People commitment – We recognise that the company’s main capital is its people and it is essential that their competence is recognised, ensuring that they are committed to the objectives.
– Process approach – The network of processes and their interaction helps to understand how the system produces results and allows the company to optimise its performance, with continuous monitoring.
– Improvement – Produtiva has always been focused on improvement, optimising processes, improving resources and training employees.
– Evidence-based decision making – Data and information analysis and evaluation are the starting point for management decisions, seeking to reduce uncertainty in order to produce the desired results.
– Relationship management – Produtiva manages relationships with its relevant stakeholders (clients, suppliers, employees, shareholders and public entities) in order to respect their expectations and seek to optimise the respective impacts on its performance.

This is the culture of rigour which has guided Produtiva in its 112 years of existence, 25 of which with ISO certification. This is the culture of our company. With it, we feel more capable of facing challenges.

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