Since the expansion phase in international markets, Produtiva has assumed a strategic international growth to monitor the company’s development. The entry into Uruguay follows the company’s strategic business decision and the global growth campaign embodied in the goal of conquering new markets in new latitudes, with a particular focus on South and Central America.

According to Cassiano and Pedro Gouveia, company administrators ” Uruguay will be an important part of our businesses, as it will make it possible to significantly expand   our entry into this prosperous and growing market, one of the fastest growing regions in the world at the level of the sectors where we operate. We are excited to win more business and hope to help our customers companies with high quality, differentiated and highly competitive products. ”


The company already has a team focused on the South American markets, and it is expected that it will continue to expand its global reach with the goal of covering more than 30 countries in the coming years, which will allow to leverage and accelerate international growth associated with the strengthening of its traditional markets in Portugal and Europe.

“We have gained more and more global momentum in the market. The increased demand in more distant markets reflect the great differentiation and competitiveness of our products. With 111 years of existence, we have a local presence around the world, and we are a reference player in the sector.”


For more information about the production, you can consult the company’s website in or through digital channels, with particular emphasis on Linkedin and Youtube.

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