Produtiva, The Value of People

“2020 was an atypical year”. You have certainly heard this expression before, in the last few months. However, in this case, the fact that we repeat it so often does not take away any of its meaning. In fact, 2020 can not be compared to any other year of our History.

We have experienced times of war, dictatorships, times of scarcity and we have even lived through the discover and spread of other diseases. In all those not-so-good moments, we were asked to show our support through an extra effort. Well, 2020 has also required that extra effort.

In an year where a never-before-seen virus has been spread around the world, destroying all sorts of business, shaking worldwide economies and leading to the suspension of entire industries, the spotlight turned to each and every one of us. Every single individual was asked by the government of each country, their political leaders and the people we look up to to give an extra effort.

That effort seemed pretty simple to materialize since it apparently consisted of staying at home. But it was so much more than we could imagine. The transformations that were introduced in our daily routines had immense repercussions and the small changes of our day-to-day lives revealed themselves as true challenges that we had to overcome. In the end, all we knew, as we knew it, ceased to exist.

In this context of effort and adaptation, Produtiva managed to keep its high levels of production and high quality standards. And that was due entirely to the work of our team who stood firm and committed and were able to easily adapt to new safety and hygiene rules, which allowed our company to successfully get through this complicated year.

Thus, to all of them we dedicate this post. To all the workers of our company who show up every single day, with the same dedication and commitment to their work, we thank you for your extra effort.

Nevertheless, we know our Produtiva workers were not the only ones who had to give this extra effort. Therefore, we extend our thank you to all who had to adapt and face a new reality, just like we had to.

It is in the most troubled of times that we understand and recognize the true value of the people who stand with us. In 2020, the human race proved it has an enormous capacity to shape itself and to resist and live in the most adverse circumstances, showing a distinguished behavior. Produtiva would like to take this moment to thank each and every exemplary citizen who proved their resilience and strength. Thank you.

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