The ANEFA General Assembly took place at the beginning of the month and Produtiva, as an active member of this organization, was present in what is the most important event that gathers professionals of the sector.

The high point of this meeting was the homage paid to the outgoing president Ramón Ruberte Auré, who had been in office for nine years and was replaced by his vice-president Santiago Sánchez Álvarez. All the businessmen present paid homage to the work done by the former president.

The General Assembly addressed all the issues that contribute to the development of the aggregate extraction activity, namely the price and energy cost crisis. At this level, many were the interventions that came to monitor the state of the art of the sector, with information regarding what has been the evolution of recent times. On the other hand, there were also interventions that promote solutions to improve the competitiveness of the sector.

The aggregates industry ended the year 2022 with figures that attest to sustainability, since they remain at previous year’s levels and the forecast is for continuity for the current year. In 2022 there was a consumption of 183.8 million tonnes of aggregates, corresponding to a residual growth of 2.2%.

Produtiva was present at this event and sponsored one of the recreational moments of the Assembly where several entrepreneurs were able to enjoy products of Portuguese origin, namely the well known Port Wine. This moment was also an excellent opportunity for networking and contact with all the partners the company has in the Spanish market.

Cassiano Gouveia, CEO of Produtiva, underlines the importance of the human relationship and friendship that Produtiva has with its partners in the Spanish market, a relationship that already derives from many decades of collaboration.

At the end of the event, Produtiva delegation also visited a large group of clients where they could see, in loco, the use of its products, namely wire screens and sieves.

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